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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stressed Out and Makeup Spring Cleaning!

Hi and peace be upon you,

Actually, I got an exam tomorrow. Haha. I shouldn't be here. Just dropping by because I want to. ekeke.

I guess it's no mystery to you what I'm doing offline. Finishing assigments, studying, studying and more studying! Anyway, I called my mom this morning and when I started talking to her, I just noticed, how much pent-up stress I've been holding in. I told her about a lot of my hair falling out, how I didn't feel any urge to go to the toilet (constipated), headache, stomachace and all kinds of symptoms that would qualify me a visit to the doctor.

The conversation goes like this: (In Bahasa Melayu of course)
Me: mak, rambut aisyah banyak gugur, perut sakit tapi xmo pegi tandas pulak. Stress final year kot. Huhu
(Trans: Mom, my hair is falling out, my stomach doesn't feel so good but I don't feel any urge to go to the toilet at all. Maybe it's the final year stress. huhu *sounds like sobbing*)
Mom: Laa, kenape stress pulak? Jangan la stress-stress. Cuba relaxkan diri.
(Trans: Laa, *the same annotation as 'ooohh' in this sentence'* why are you stressed out? Don't be. Take it easy.)
Me: Kerja banyak. Dah nak abes semester pon banyak lagi assignment nak kena hantar. Tak siap lagi! >_<
(Trans: Lots of stuff to do. The semester is almost ending but there are still a lot of assignments to attend to. I haven't finish them! >_<)
Mom: Buat slow-slow la. Jangan paksa diri sangat. Buat yang terbaik. Kalau tak boleh jugak, sengih je la. <--(lol, this is the funny part!)
(Trans: Do your work slowly. Don't push yourself too much. Just do your best. In the worse case scenario, just grin. *sengih is more like grinning like a goof*)

Lol, what I don't expect was that last sentence! She was always pushing me in my studies, insisting I could do the impossible (like all asian parents). Oh well, at least, that makes me laugh and I don't feel so tense anymore. I am always worrying about letting my parents down.

I went to the local convenience store to buy myself a treat which is an icecream! Walls Cornetto, no less! =D It was super yummy! I feel like a kid again (without all those baggage of assignments lugging behind me). I also wore makeup today. ^__^ Taking my time when applying makeup always calms me down, and I really need that! Here's my look of the day. XD

FOTD 'You're cute enough to be deserving an ice cream cone! LOL'
Excuse my retardedness in taking pictures while eating an ice cream cone.
Oh yeah, I went rummaging around my makeup bag last night and realised I have a few lip stuff that didn't suit me. Well, I once did a swap with Pepper for our unsuitable makeup products and I knew she didn't really like NYX round lipsticks so that's why I didn't give these to her.

I'd like to give them to new owners! Every single of this have been swatched and used but I'll sanitize them for you (wipe with alcohol). If you're interested, let me know and please pay for the postage yourself as I'm quite low on extra cash. *sobs*
Things I'm giving out:
NYX round lipstick in Margarita (Isabel), Pumpkin Pie (Lin) and Circe (Isabel).
NYX round lip gloss in Amethyst (Lin)
Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Vintage Pink

-edit- Only Rimmel one is available right now!~ Hurry!

ps: To Isabel and Lin, please pay me RM 3 (lol, how horrible am I?? RM3 pon berkire.. =P Sorry girls, I'm low on cash atm!) email me your address at aisyahdecullen@yahoo.com

Reply here if you're interested. Preferably Malaysian (as the shipping would be cheaper..hehe)
You can see the color and swatches on the internet though. Sorry, I don't have the time to take swatch pictures U__U
First come, first serve basis. Thanks! Maximum two per person!

Hope you people have a lovely day ^^


D' Cako said...

dat part of sengih je la was funnehh.n i am hungryyyyy to see ur ice cream. The last part of the cone is always the best ever!
I want!I want! Im first so pliz serve me first. =p
Im not good in searching the suitable color for myself though.

Isabel said...

HAHAHAHAHHA Ur mum dam cool la!! xD Sengih xD

I want NYX Margarita & Circe! Thought want the vintage pink but looks too purplish for me =(

aisyah De Cullen said...

Lin: You're first and since you're inexperienced, let me choose for you! hehe.. Actually, to be honest, aku xingt sgt kale kulit kamu (sbb mungkin bbrp bulan ni ko makin cerah or gelap, idk!) tapi aku rase out of all these lipsticks, maybe pumpkin pie and lipgloss amethyst yg plg sesuai. amethyst is metallic copper red while pumpkin pie is a peachy nude lipstick. ^^ email aku okay~! those two products are yours~!

Isabel: LOL..yeah, she's pretty cool nowadays (seriously, maybe something happened that I didn't know that made her a bit lenient..XD)

Margarita is quite gorgeous but uggh, they're quite frosty and I don't like frost lipsticks! Anyway, the color itself (bright coral) would look good on you! Since you're the second person to comment, I'm giving you Circe and Margarita. please email me at aisyahdecullen@yahoo.com

Thanks girls for being the new owners for my unloved makeup. ^^

D' Cako said...

Yeayyy!Will be loving ur so called unloved makeup!Thanks a lot! >,<

Venus In Virgo said...

Awww...don't get so stressed :)
I want some ice cream too!
Thanks for posting the giveaway on your blog,I posted some news about the prize on my blog, I cant believe I was duped, sorry

Nic Nic said...

Gd luck! hope everything goes well. Another well deserved icecream for you after it's done! XD

aisyah De Cullen said...

Lin: Hope so! =) Wey, hari ni aku bz la..U__U disbbkan melaka maju ni cuti hari jumaat ni, sume esaimen yg ptot anta jumaat sume bwk ke kames..>__< nti aku da pos, I'll mesej u okay~! tp dlm minggu ni gak la kot.

Maria: replied at your blog. ^^

Nic Nic: after all of this is finished, I'll treat myself to more ice creams! XD

Dini said...

Hey. Stumbled upon ur blog and loving it :)

Pepper said...

Hahaha, your mum sounds like mine. She said do not stressed out, especially after a student committed suicide here. She was so worried if I'm stressed or not.

Ice cream, I want some, but I can't. I need to lose some weight. My clothes becoming tighter lately...LOL. I'm enjoying my meal too much I guess.

I think I'm having a lil bit of makeup withdrawal. I feel so uninspired to do full face makeup. But when I actually do, I feel better after that. Maybe someone need to study makeup therapeutic properties. You know, just so that we have good excuses to waste money on more makeup.

☆(´O`)RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Ice-cweam!!!♥♥♥♥ o(*A*)o

Reply to your comment!

Oh, don't worry Aisyah! ;3 The only thing you need to do is translate Malay to English! Senang macam kacang! xDD

Actually I have another script editor whose job is to translate my gibberish English to Malay ftw! xDD So what do you think? If you agree, I'll email you straight away! (^_~)

Syaza Aiman said...

Hey, I replied to your email but I don't know if you noticed it or not cuz last time you said that my email went to the spam section. Just wanted to let you know :)