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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Body Odour...who got it? Get smelly, no more~!

Hi and Salam,

Its been a while since I post about non-makeup things, I believe. The issue today is going to be about something that will concern a lot of people, whether or not, they're the one who have it, or the people around them.

First, you have to know, what is exactly body odour and how does this phenomena occurs? Body odour is caused from the bacteria growing/accumulated on the skin. A lot of people nowadays, believe that B.O is caused by sweat/perspiration but that is not true at all. Sweat only multiplies (rapidly) the growth of the bacteria that are already there in the first place. The culprit that actually produces these pungent B.O are none other than the bacteria.

There are some very likely places that usually have some kind of unsettling odours such as armpits, feet, the side of your nose, behind your ears, or anywhere else that is not airy. There are various ways to counter these problem, such as:

1) Bath regularly
2) Wash your clothes as often as possible
3) Wear anti perspirant deodorant or any kinds of deodorant at all
4) Scrub or exfoliate your underarms every single day of your life XD

I am very sensitive t0 body odours. Sometimes, there are days that I think the smell is especially provoking (haha) and all I want to do is sit at home and drenched myself with perfumes. Or if I can't do that (since I have to go to class), I always feel the need to be isolated somewhere. It makes me nervous if I could catch a whiff of my own armpit smell because, if I could smell it, I'm sure the person next to me (or probably within 5 meter radius from me) could smell it too. Oh, how embarassing could that be!?

Don't get me wrong. I am as hygienic as the next girl, but for some unknown biological reason, ONLY MY RIGHT ARMPIT SMELLS! You got that right. I am a 21 years old woman with a smelly right armpit. It might sound funny to you but I find it very unlikely. I read from various health websites that the problem might have been caused by some unbalanced hormones in my body. Great.

Up to this date, I've tried every single method that I could think of and found on the internet (that I think were logic enough to follow) but none works for me. The easiest way people choose nowadays are definitely to buy commercial deodorants that could be found easily at the drugstore. They are definitely a much easier alternative but sadly, commercial deodorants only works on my left armpit. The right one just keeps on smelling and making my life miserable no matter what I do. U__U Anyway, I've read that commercial deodorants that we can easily find nowadays only worsen the situation (in case you're the type that perspire like a pig) as it contains various toxic chemical like Aluminum which is a common skin irritant and is also poisonous if accumulated on the skin.

Some of the things I've tried are:
1) Well, bath regularly of course. I'm not really the kind that bath forever and frequently (around 10 minutes per time and twice a day).
2) I Scrub my underarms everyday! (so why are you still smelly?? Damn it!)
3) I wipe my right underarm with surgical spirit (alcohol) every three day to rid of the bacteria there.
4) I used anti bacteria soap from Dettol, Protex, lifebuoy and..you name it, I've tried it.
5) I stopped using commercial deodorant alltogether!

These steps do decrease the smell significantly but lately, its been hot in Malaysia and thanks to the power of my sweaty right underarm, the smell was back to square one. T^T

But last week, or probably two or three days back, I read on a Malaysian beauty blog something that I've never thought of. It was a natural mineral crystal salt deodorant! Maaan, I was happy to know that there is a path that I haven't taken. XD

Here it is:
I've just tried it after my bath just now and am happy to report back that I'm loving it at the moment! They are so many good things based on the packaging of this deodorant:
- Anti bacteria & eliminates odour
- 300% more effective than commercial deodorant
- Hypo-allergenic
- Alcohol free
- Non sticky

There is no sticky, icky feeling at all! =D I will report back after a week. ^^

Here's how the mineral salt deodorant works (incase you're wondering). Mineral salts form a topical layer on the skin, which is inhospitable to bacteria that cause odor.

This just might be the answer to all my questions!^___^  I bought the 'Smelly-No-More' natural mineral crystal salt deodorant at Caring pharmacy for RM14.90.

Sorry for rambling on and on about deodorant..haha..XD

Thanks for dropping by anyway. =)


Rakhshanda said...

Great review!!!Thanks for sharing:)

Pepper said...

LOL, I have issue with B.O. too, it's more like psychological issue, it's all in the head.. Imagine that I would go back to my place after hours in the lab just because I forgot to put on deodorant in the morning. I can live w/o perfume, but not w/o deodorant.

Another thing related to BO is the smell that come from down there, you know with the natural discharge. I'm very @nal about that. That's why pantiliner is must for me.

aisyah De Cullen said...

rakhshanda: =) sure.

pepper: haha..i'd be happy if its just in my head but mine is like..an entity of its own..XD I wear deodorant religiously everyday but right armpit still smells ridiculously horrible so..uhh..good bye commercial deodorant~!

I know what you mean. I used to not care much about pantiliner (lol, how honest am i??XD) because they made no difference to me and I have no problem about odour anywhere near there but lately (due to some hormonal problems again) I'm starting to feel self-concious there too! And a good quality pantiliner does makes a difference! ^__^ Totally out of topic (haha) but what brand are you using? I used Sofy Comfort Slim in the past and it wasn't anything special. Now I'm using Carefree Super Dry (with shower fresh scent). LOVE it! =D

Pepper said...

OMG!!!! We use the same brand! I use Carefree Super Dry too, but the unscented version. I prefer this one more than all the other brand. It's just perfect. It's even better than Kotex. I used not to worry about pantiliner until one day, I thought "Hey, did I smell something funky down there?" while doing labwork. After that day, I rarely forget to put on panty liner.

I tried Sofy, it's just not nice. Luckily I bought smaller pack. Guardian panty liner, avoid it, damn itchy! Kotex is ok ok.

I agree that BO is mainly hormonal issue, there are days when I stinks like crazy. There are also days when I think I can get away w/o shower.

aisyah De Cullen said...

Pepper: ooowaahh..XD what a coincidence! That one is truly awesome! I feel like promoting it to everybody! (haha..but isn't it embarrassing promoting pantiliner in the open?? =P) I haven't tried the unscented one but the shower scent smells good..LOL

yeah, I agree with you! I hate how ppl always associate B.O with bad hygiene! >__< I bath and took really good care of myself but I can't help it if sometimes I still smell! Get over it! hahaha..XD Anyway, been reading lots of great review about the salt stick deodorant on the comments section of the 'thebeautybrains' site..^^ I hope it works for me..hehe

miss syukur said...

have you tried chlorophil soap? with parrots or birds on the packaging.or the one with the big 999 in front of it? people say it's good for body odour.

Venus In Virgo said...

This post was wonderful! I enjoyed it and I'm not curious how well it holds up as I'm looking form natural products, please let us know how good it really ids! And if you have time Come enter my giveaway XOXO

D' Cako said...

cant wait for the result!!
seriously,im having d same problem as yours.right armpit!darn.
but im using the spray version of deodorant where it is so much better than stick deodrnt.suda try?

*~kAy~* said...

nice! :P
please let me know about the results! :P

durra said...

salaam, i used to be an avid user until Singapore stores discontinued the stock. like, WHY???!!! is there any way i could order from you???

tried to look for it in JB and nothing too.. im really not a fan of using commercial fragranced deodorant / anti perspirant and trying to purchase it online proved futile.

please email me! tks a heap!


aisyah De Cullen said...

hi durra,
yup, no problem.. =) but I can't seem to email you cz your profile is not available. email me back. ^^