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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Makeup Everyone Should Own: Eyeliner


Today's post is a pretty basic question that I always get from young female cousins, nephews and teenagers alike. 

"What is that one product I need to get started with makeup?"

Different people have different needs to address. For instance, someone might want to give their lips a pop of colour to look marginally alive and some people have to do something to their eyes in order to look fresh and awake.

Taking all features taken into consideration, after much deliberation, I think the one product everyone should own, especially for makeup beginner is an eyeliner. 

Your look can change so much with just a flick of an eyeliner, from sleepy-face to i'm-ready-to-rock-your-world face. Who wouldn't want that. There are plenty of tricks you can do with the right kind of eyeliners as well, from a simple streak on your upper lash line, full-on lined and smoked eye to a classic 'cat-eye' look.

Buying eyeliners can be confusing, what's with plenty of makeup term thrown your way like kohl, gel etc. Here are 3 basic eyeliner types you should know:

Pencil: This type of eyeliner is definitely a beginner's best friend. A pencil liner is easier to practice with if you want to master an eyeliner look. Just line in short strokes starting from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eye, then connect it to create a line. Simple! However, depending on its formula, sometimes a pencil liner does not spread as smooth or as thickly as either gel or liquid type of eyeliner.

Gel: Gel eyeliner is my personal favourite. They are smooth, glides like butter, dark as midnight, hardly smudges and is a joy to work with. Most gel formula dries to a matte finish. Don't be intimidated by any labels though because gel eyeliners can come in a pen or a pot form. As much as I love gel eyeliners, my only complain with it is that, the formula dries in packaging pretty quickly. Make sure you use yours within a year to avoid the product from drying out and being an overall nightmare on your face.

Liquid: Many women out there including my older sister, swear by liquid eyeliner. Due to its fine tip and thinner formula, liquid eyeliner can create a more precise and neat line. They also stay on the eyes far longer than pencil eyeliner. However, liquid eyeliner takes time to dry and set properly. You also need a steady hand to handle a liquid eyeliner. Similar to gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliners can come in either a pen or a tube with brush form.

Eyeliner Tips

1) Ever had that problem where your eyes look smaller with eyeliner on? Fret not - try out this runway tip. Do not connect your lower lash eyeliner line to your upper lash line as it closes up your eyes. Instead, leave a gap. This creates an illusion of wider eyes. Pro tip: you can even dot that outer gap (blend afterwards) with a white / champagne / nude eyeliner or eyeshadow for extra brightening action.

2) Getting a perfect line is easy peasy with this trick! Draw a rough line (you can even do so with your eyes close - just make sure not to poke your eye though) and then sharpen it with a cotton bud swab with petroleum jelly or makeup remover. Perfect line done in less than a minute!

3) Most people use mascara after eyeliner (me included) but actually, the smarter way around it is to apply mascara first. This is so that you will be able to see your eye's full shape and know what to enhance with the liner. However way you do it, it's totally on you and your personal style. The reason I use eyeliner first is because I don't want to mess up my mascara.

4) For those with unsteady hands, don't give up on liquid eyeliner just yet. You might just nail that perfect line with this simple trick. Use a pencil liner first as a guide and trace it again a second time with liquid eyeliner. Not only will you be able to create a neat line, it will also be darker and lasts longer. YAY!


I hope this post helps! Now I feel like getting myself some new eyeliners to play with. :D

See you again in future posts!


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Groupon Review: Full Body Massage at Arowana Beauty Spa

Hi & assalamualaikum dunia!

Whooah there Aisyah. What's up with being all enthusiastic? Well, I'm actually very sleepy at the moment but I've been meaning to write this since yesterday. And I have work tomorrow so yeah. Might as well write it now while the experience is still fresh in my body and soul!

I like the occasional spa treatment. But these treatments can be quite costly, being in the range of almost RM200 per 2 hour or so session. Being a hunter of good offers, I like to roam Groupon for beauty treatment offers. However, with Groupon, I learnt to pick, choose and hope for the best. Sometimes you will be introduced to one hella good place, but most of the time, that's not the case. Which brings these places to Groupon to drive traffic in the first place, I reckon.

So, I bought this particular deal. Looks interesting, does it not? Full body hot stone or traditional massage? Count me in. 3 hours? Heck yes! And that picture! Let's talk about that main picture for a sec, shall we?

I DO NOT SEE THAT PARTICULAR TUB ANYWHERE INSIDE THE SPA! Whhyyy would you put this picture if the spa doesn't actually have this or offer it for the deal? It's false advertising like no other! *exhales painfully*

Well, that's besides the point. I bought this coupon like a month earlier from my appointment date so I have no recollection at all of what kind of treatment I was getting into. Okla, I did remember something about a full body massage but seriously, 3 hour of just massage? I pretty much doubt that. Anyway, upon reaching the spa, the receptionist doesn't even give me a recap of the deal. All she ask was whether I would like to add RM15 for a sauna session to 'relax my muscles' or add another RM10 to use ginger oil instead of regular oil. Okaaayyy... straight to the point. Additional money making effort right off the bat!

I wouldn't have minded, seriously, because RM38 for what I thought I was getting is very, very inexpensive. BUT, I don't enjoy the session at all and here are the whys:

1) The massage area is very small and cramped. Almost no privacy at all!

After filling in some details at the front counter, I was told to go to the back. All right, that's normal. Then, I was told to strip. Mind you, this wasn't carried out in a secluded room or area. People are walking around just as I pulled off my blouse! To their defense, suuuure, there are only females around, but still... some people would be uncomfortable!

2) Massage is so-so.

I think I may be biased because the masseuse is the same age as me. She's all right, I guess. But I definitely have had better masseuse before. Oh yeah, the bed was terrible! I had to lay on plastic sheets! Proper spas would have laid out actual towel or sheet for you and cleaned it after your session. Plastic cover does not feel nice at all!

3) Not a relaxing session. I almost ran out naked!

The session includes full body scrub and mask (which for some reason, chest area is excluded from the term 'full body'. Why? My boobs need some love too! lol). The air-conditioning system was so-so but for whatever reason, I was feeling very cold. The masseuse spread this cold mask on my skin and told me to wait for it to dry around 10 - 15 minutes. I told her I was cold (because, hey, I wasn't wearing anything except for my panty and this towel they gave me). She said she will cover my body parts. But then she went away and didn't come back to cover me as promised. Dang. I was lying on my front, with my hands full of scrub so I couldn't actually cover myself properly. So I laid there for 15 minutes, wishing the session would be over soon. This has never happened before in any spas I've been to: me wanting to leave earlier than the given time.

4) The washing after was bad

After the scrub and mask, I was instructed to take a shower. Even the shower session was unpleasant. I was feeling rather greasy after the session so I was hoping to wash off the greasiness. But alas, they have this cheap spa shower gel in their toilet. The kind that won't lather at all. And felt twice as greasy. Great, just great. Oh yeah, they did gave me a new towel to dry myself with after the shower. Bless their hearts. The major problem with that simple act of kindness is that, the towel they gave me was terribly woolly. The kinds where little fur balls just get attach to your skin. Did I tell you my skin was greasy from the massage session? Yes? What a fantastic combination, don't you think? Woolly towel and greasy skin!

Would I come again? No.

That's all for today! Talk to you again later.


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon Eyeliner

Hi and Assalamualaikum,

I'm back again with another quick review. This time it's about a product that I am quite on the fence about but decided to review it because I've recently finished it.

marc jacobs highliner gel crayon eyeliner

Behold the magnificent photography skill! Haha. One of these days I am going to set up an actual space to take photos at because this is pretty ridiculous, don't you think? Anyway, back to the product shall we?

This eyeliner set me back around RM90 if I remember correctly, for a measly 0.01oz of product. Marc Jacobs cosmetics brand was still fairly new when I bought this so blame the newness factor. It's not all bad though so let me break it down into the good and bad piles.

- Intense black colour
- Glides smoothly when newly bought
- Fairly okay in the smudge department and my eyes watered quite a lot
- Modern and sleek packaging
- Comes with a 'sharpener' of sort at the back of liner

- Expensive for the amount of product you are getting
- Formula dries up after around a year to the point of almost impossible to apply
- Still smudge
- Not good if you want to blend it as a base for a smokey eye look

It was nice to own though because the packaging looks so nice! But for something as essential as an eyeliner, I wouldn't be buying Marc Jacobs Highliner again because it is way too expensive. If you want a gel liner, Maybelline makes a good one. I personally am a huge fan of Avon Glimmersticks and Big and Daring eyeliner (will review) soon because they are cheap and does the job well!

What's your favourite eyeliner? Low end and high end.