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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bahasa Malaysia Lesson: Lelaki Tak Guna - Yuna {eng. translation}


I'm in an unstable mood. I say this because every other external elements set me off. I'm happy one second. Pissed off the next. In short, I'm well on my way to a depression if I don't curb it well.

This morning, I was listening to some songs. Maybe it has something to do with my personality type but I seek artistic outlet whenever I'm feeling this way. You could find me playing with my ukulele, reading books, listening to music, writing, painting, cooking and the likes when I'm upset. It helps.

So this song from Yuna is about a guy that hurt her emotionally. Which is exactly what I am going through. I'm tired of pretending that I am not affected. What he did was wrong. I have the right to express how hurt I am in the form that I express best, which is through writing.

And in case he reads my blog (which I very much doubt), here's a message for you:

"You want to learn Bahasa Malaysia so much huh? Learn it through this song. Not by playing with a poor girl's heart. I'm sure your BM is good enough to understand the gist of it. You pandai kan?"


Men, Guy, in this context it is more correctly translated as jerk

Kau fikir kau siapa
Who do you think you are?
Cinta ini kau buang saja
You threw away my love, just like that
Ku tak perlukan memori
I don't need memories
Dan kau tak perlu kembali

And you need not return

Kau fikir ku apa
What do you think I am?
Siang malam engkau yang punya
Your possesion, day in and day out?
Kau datang dan kau pergi
You come and go
Kau buat aku begini
You're the reason i'm such a mess


1) Oh lelaki tak guna, ku berikan semua
Oh you good-for-nothing asshole, I gave you everything
2) Oh lelaki, Tak guna ku berikan semua
Oh you asshole, all my effort goes to waste

Banggakah dirimu
Does it make you proud?
Kekasihmu sahabatku
That your new gf is my friend?
Rupanya selama ini
So all this while
Dia menaruh hati
She has been pinning for you
Kadang kala aku terfikir
Sometimes it gets me thinking
Kau berikannya janji yang sama
You made her the same promises
Yang kau katakan padaku
That you gave me too
Sepuluh tahun yang lalu
Ten years ago

1) Oh lelaki tak guna, ku berikan semua
Oh you good-for-nothing asshole, I gave you everything
2) Oh lelaki, Tak guna ku berikan semua
Oh you asshole, all my effort goes to waste

Ini rupanya kau balas kembali
This is how you repay me
Semua yang ku beri
All that I gave
Tak pernah mencukupi
Were never enough
Kau bukan lagi yang aku kenali
You're no longer the man I once knew
Perempuan seperti ku
A girl like me
Tak ingin bersamamu
Wouldn't want to be with a man like you

Dahulu kau bukan begini
You weren't like this before
Kau hancurkan hati
You broke my heart
Ku yakin dahulu
I was almost certain
Kau bukan kau bukan kau bukan
You're not... you're not... you're not

1) Oh lelaki tak guna, ku berikan semua
Oh you good-for-nothing asshole, I gave you everything
2) Oh lelaki, Tak guna ku berikan semua
Oh you asshole, all my effort goes to waste


And let's end it on a final note, shall we? This shall be the last time I broach this topic ever again. After this, no more AdamK related things.

Scene translation:
Apa yang saya lakukan untuk kamu itu gak adil
What I did to you was unfair.
Rangga, yang kamu lakukan ke saya itu... jahat.
Rangga, what you did to me was... cruel.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Real Talk: Love & Maturity


Love. Some are blessed with a God-sent love. And some struggle to find the meaning of love. Overall, everyone needs love.

Love comes in all forms. It could be from parent - child, friendship, material, opposite gender, yourself, so on and so forth. Love also comes with its positives and negatives. For example, the positives; it makes you happy, it keeps your health up, life is just that slight bit more colourful than usual. As for the negatives; obsession, frustration, depression and all kinds of feelings that consume you and brings out the worse in you.

Recently, I've been asked by a fellow friend on why I claim I 'love' a certain someone. I honestly couldn't pinpoint exactly why my heart beats faster for this person. Or why I go 'dumb' over him. See, there you go. Another negatives. It makes you temporarily dumb. Or his faults became a blind spot to you.

I've been thinking a lot about love. How it feels like a long, forlorn quest for those who seek it. And how those people become completely obsessed over it once they acquired it. It is a powerful thing to stumble upon.

Love needs maturity. The ability to reason with yourself when the unusual happen. When to let someone go, when to give someone a chance, when to reset and start over and when to take your stand and say enough is enough. No maturity could lead to self-destruction once you lost the said love. Depression. The feeling of suicidal. The urge to hurt people or yourself.

However, I find, hurting when you are in love, is a process towards maturity and it vastly depends on how the said pain is being handled. Personally, I think I have matured and made better progress, psychologically, within this short span of time of immersing myself with love and letting myself get hurt, than hiding inside my shell, too scared to be disappoint and scarred by anyone. Life is an experience and love is a package that comes with it, whether I like it or not.

Despite all the goods and the bads, I still believe in love. Call me a hopeless romantic. Or a fool for love. I will never stop hoping that one day, I will find it. It could be from another person or within myself. I don't know this yet, but the day will come.

And by that time, I hope I am mature enough to handle it.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

[Review] Makeup Steal: Simply Pretty Lovestruck Blendable Eyeshadow Duo in Chocolate Kiss

Assalamualaikum & hello!

As an inconsistent blogger, I would like to apologize for my long hiatus. It's ironic how I wore more makeup now without blogging than back in university, where I was blogging more, without actually wearing much makeup.

I've been meaning to rave about this eye shadow since I first fell in love with it, but as always, procrastination got the better of me. Do you love warm brown shadows on your eyes? If you do, keep on reading because this eye shadow is such a fabulous steal!

simply pretty blendable eyeshadow chocolate kiss

Packaged in a simple and cute round case, this eyeshadow duo has been my everyday eye makeup for months now. Pictured above is my back-up in case Avon decides to discontinue this particular shade (yes, they had the knack of doing that a lot *sigh*). 

Why do I like them so much? These shadows are highly blendable and buildable! I don't know about the other shades but Chocolate Kiss is absolutely delightful to work with. I especially love the dark warm chocolate brown on the right side. It has pretty gold flecks in it that is just so subtly gorgeous on the eyes. I own pricier eyeshadows than this one but I dare say, I prefer Simply Pretty Blendable Eyeshadow in Chocolate Kiss any day.

The downside to it? I don't have any. Well, maybe if you are looking for an edgier and darker look, you can't achieve it with just these two shades. However, you can definitely work it out by popping on a darker colour (black) at the outer V of your eye.

You can get this at your local Avon Beauty Boutique. Don't know where to find your nearest boutique? Check out the addresses over here: http://www.my.avon.com/PRSuite/beautycenters.page

If you're lazy just like me and prefer to buy stuff by clicking and online transaction, just go to Avon Malaysia's Facebook page (HERE) and drop a message at the comment box there. An Avon rep is bound to help you.

Not that it matters but Avon's makeup products are manufactured in the Philippines. Just throwing it out there since everyone likes to assume EVERYTHING is made in China... haha. Hey, nothing wrong with that. I mean, they have all the factories and technologies at a competitive price. Hard to beat that.

May I reiterate that these shadows are highly blendable and buildable? The smooth texture makes it easy to put on layers of it on top of each other without major fall-out. The duo is perfect for each other as well as it definitely compliments each other, creating an effortless everyday look.

Some example of me wearing it. May or may not layered with another slightly darker shade (sorry, couldn't remember). Overall, I love love love love it and will continue wearing it until I finish my first duo and its back-up.

Aaahh, I just can't say enough good things about this. You definitely neeed to check it out if you haven't already. It's less than RM10 a piece as well (depending on promotion).

That's about it for today! Will be back. Laterss y'all!