Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Aisyah Says: Scent Essence Eau de Toilette by Avon

Hi and Assalamualaikum,

I think I need to explain this before I go on a writing spree on Avon products. I don't get paid to write about them on my blog (though I earn my living, working full time for Avon Cosmetics. No details allowed. Haha). I bought most of everything with my own earning because I just love buying makeup. I happen to own and try a lot of Avon cosmetics because it takes me less than 5 minutes to go to the nearest Avon Boutique. And we all know beauty junkie can't resist such easy access to cosmetic products. Now that it's out of the way, here's a fragrance I've been enjoying a lot lately.

Scent Essence Eau de Toilette 30ml

Perfume doesn't get any simpler than this. Personally, I love simple perfumes for daily use. Life is complicated enough as it is, I don't need to add figuring out what your scent is to the list. Haha.. I joke, I joke. But honestly, a single note scent is a really nice addition to any perfume user. For example, my mom. She can't stand perfumes. However, she's okay with this one as it's not overpowering at all.

There are 3 variants available: Sparkly Citrus, Romantic Bouquet and Vibrant Fruity. The one I'm using is Sparkly Citrus. As its name suggests, Sparkly Citrus is a fresh citrus fragrance that is light, fun and makes you feel energetic. There's no cap for these fragrances. Only a plastic stopper which I threw out anyway. But you might want to keep it if you're worried of accidentally pressing it down and spraying it all over the inside of your bag. I've never experienced such problem.

They're fairly inexpensive, making overindulging with your sprays completely justified. They usually sell for RM19.90 but you'll probably find better deals for it from time to time.

This sure would be a nice fragrant to give your little siblings in college and young adults as well! I wish I had something like this when I was in school.

What's your latest find? Have you tried this out and how do you like them? Tell me :)


Monday, November 24, 2014

Aisyah Eats: Wood & Steel Cafe

Hi and Assalamualaikum,

Like all working, single adults, I enjoy eating out and trying different restaurants and cafes about town. There's something rather liberating about it, I guess. My mom disagrees though. But then again, do whatever makes you happy, I'd say! \(^o^)/

Let's get into it!

1) Wood & Steel Cafe

One word comes to mind when you say Wood & Steel. Cozy? Yes, but not quite the word I have in mind. HIPSTER. There, I said it. I'm pretty sure all the waiters and waitresses there have a dress code, and that dress code is to dress as coolest and hippiest as you could possibly get. I mean, one waiter even had a bow, suspenders and huge glasses! Come on, tell me that isn't hipster.

Guess where I took this photo? Okay, don't read the caption, you're cheating! Haha. This very inspirational quote is written in the toilet. Yes, in front of the loo, making every female customers feel good about themselves while they poo. Wow, I'm even rhyming now.

When it comes to food though, nothing extraordinary. The menu isn't that extensive either. Light stuff like salads, sandwiches and pasta. But it's a pretty cool place to hang out and drink coffees with friends. Once, I tried to bring my mom along. She stepped into the entrance, scanned the busy ambience and physically withdraw from the cafe. I must say, this place isn't ideal for traditional malay moms like mine, as it's a bit cramp, dim and bustling with young people.

Above picture is an egg sandwich from the cafe. I very much would prefer real potato french fries rather than thin crisps but what do I know about what's hip. The cafe looks like it is owned by Muslims so I'm pretty sure their food is Halal.

You can visit them at:
Wood & Steel
The Strand, 33G, Jalan PJU5/20e,
Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya,

Any new place to recommend? Tell me!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Aisyah Eats: Wetzel's Pretzel (The Gardens, Midvalley)

Hi and Assalamualaikum,

My life doesn't just revolve around makeup, you know. I love food too (guess that ain't a surprise). I don't know what's up lately but I saw plenty of articles and videos about the spiciest pepper in the world. I really want to try a few varieties, such as the Carolina Reaper or the Bhut Jolokia, out of curiosity. It was said that our local 'cili padi' is on the same level as Habanero peppers (don't quote me on this though).

Scoville unit is the SI unit to measure the level of spiciness. The diagram above is not the most updated one so there are a few newly discovered peppers that are not listed such as the Carolina Reaper. I'm surprised that Cayenne is quite all the way up there. It's hardly spicy at all!

With that said, I saw this new pretzel shop at Midvalley Megamall today. Naturally, I was drawn to it especially after seeing the menu:

Don't notice it yet?

JALA-freaking-PENO! But before you go shrugging, "meh, Jalapeno isn't even that hot on the list", let me explain myself. I didn't memorize the spiciness level. Plus, the mexican name got me confused with Habanero.

Jalapeno cheese melt pretzel & Jalaroni pretzel
Was it spicy? NOT AT ALL which I was disappointed about. But was it good? IT WAS! The jalapeno peppers are the pickled kind which reduces the spiciness even more. I ordered Jalapeno Cheese Melt and it suspiciously smell like pizza. Which is a good kind of surprise. The pretzel is bigger than Auntie Anne's pretzel and slight chewier. It is also oilier. But these may have been because of the cheese.

Yum yum right?
Wetzel's Pretzel is pretty good especially with the extra variety of pretzel that they offer. However, I must say that the usage of 'firey-hot' image for the jalapeno pretzel menu is highly misleading.

Now on to the picture where I take my first bite. Lol.

Wetzel Pretzel is located at LG floor, on the crossing / pathway between Midvalley megamall and the Gardens Mall. Near Subway.

Do you like pretzel and have you tried this joint before? I personally think it tastes better than Auntie Anne's but it's still too early to deduce anything.