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Monday, September 21, 2015

Real Life Talks: Personal trainer & the gym


Recently, I signed myself up for a personal trainer. Yes, a personal trainer, which for everyday chubby person like myself, is someone we try to avoid like the plaque. I used to be so self-conscious around any guy, let alone, a buffed-up guy whose sole purpose in life is to make the gym everyone's favourite hang out place.

Why I decided to get a personal trainer? Well, I didn't really plan on spending that much money on fitness in the first place. One thing just leads to another I guess. I was feeling quite shitty lately due to personal reasons and been hitting the gym more often. However, usually I only go there for the dancing classes and just hang around aimlessly after that, jumping from one instruments to another.

One fateful day, this personal trainer messaged me, offering me two free personal training sessions. On a normal day, I would have politely declined because (1) he is very good looking, (2) I'm self-conscious and (3) you people are expensive AF! But again, due to personal reasons, I accepted his offer and the rest is history.

First off, let me tell you one thing. It sucks to squat in front of anybody in general. It sucks even more to squat in front of an attractive male. The only comforting thought I have the whole time is that he is probably used to seeing folds of fat and sweaty people. I'm sorry Mister, you just have to be patient with me since I've paid you.. haha.

Enough about his attractiveness, now let's talk about the actual sessions. I have 38 hours in total with him (imagine that, spending time with him 3 - 4 times a week.. tehehehe). To date, we've only gone through 3 hours together. The first session was mild with him teaching me the right posture to squat and the correct way to use some instrument. The second was a lot of running which is bearable. The third one is a whole load of climbing stairs, squatting and jumping jacks which I feel is a terrible combination. I was sweating the whole time and must have looked like a mess.

At the end of these 3 sessions, I've come to the conclusion that, it is pretty awesome to have a personal trainer. I have very low endurance when it comes to exercise which means, I would stop at even the slightest hitch of breath, the first trickle of sweat and the moment my heart rate hits over 160 heart rate per minute (my maximum is actually 194).

I've never sweated as much as I did with a personal trainer around. Not the nervous / anxious kind of sweat, mind you. It's the serious, ass-kicking, tired as hell kind of sweat. If only they weren't as expensive! I will learn as much as I can within 3 months though because honestly, I rather put the fund to holidays. :p

Yeah, that's about it. I'll snap a picture with him when I get a chance to. He's a pretty good sport. :D


Sunday, September 20, 2015

[Review] Silkygirl Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm in 02 Desire


Matte lipstick is definitely hot this season with so many drugstore brands coming out with their own version. I've always favoured matte finishing on the lips compared to glossy, sheen, creamy or any others because it just looks more put together and suitable on any occasion, be it day or night.

Silkygirl is a brand that you can find quite easily all over Malaysia and other South East Asia countries. If you happen to stumble upon the brand, do grab a few products to try as they really are of great quality and definitely affordable!

silkygirl matte fever lipcolor balm

This product has been in the market for quite a while now but I just recently bought one to try since I haven't tried anything new from the brand since 2013. There are never enough lipsticks to go around anyway. :)

The shade that I got is in 02 Desire which is the prettiest rosey red (with a slight hint of fuchsia). I've been leaning heavily on this sort of shade lately because it goes well with my complexion and makes me look fresher and more awake.

This Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm has a vanilla / caramel smell to it but it doesn't linger (not that I noticed of) throughout the day. It is very smooth and soft to apply and like the name suggests, it has a somewhat matte finish. Not the extreme matte kind that sometimes left your lips patchy and dry. The formula is pretty similar to Avon Matte Lipsticks. Matte, with a little touch of moisture for the well-being of your lips.

I like this balm a lot, from the packaging to the product itself. It doesn't slip around and melt. However you might need to reapply after eating or drinking.Then again, most products do.

silkygirl matte fever lipcolor balm

silkygirl matte fever lipcolor balm lip swatch desire 02

It's definitely become a staple for me these days. Isn't it pretty? It is!

See you in future posts!


Monday, September 14, 2015

[Review] Mazaya Match Perfection 4 in 1 Powder Cake Multi Care Beige


Hi! Sorry for doing the vanishing act again. Things have been a little bit crazy and I didn't have the motivation to write (apart from the usual office work and part time gigs). However, fear not as the usual product testing and epic buying (epic ke? haha) are still ongoing. I sometimes share about products on my instagram so go follow me on there if you want your dose of Aisyah when she goes missing, yeah. :)

I don't know whether I've mentioned this before, but I went to Bandung, Indonesia in early August, during my birthday. While I was there, I made sure to sample some local beauty brands that we can't get easily here in Malaysia. In case you're looking for a brand to try in Indonesia, you can try out Mazaya Cosmetics.

About Mazaya (from Aisyah's view)

They're one of those brands that are marketed as Halal Cosmetics (Like Farmasi Colour Cosmetics, here in Malaysia). The packaging looks really simple yet classy (from pictures) and they have interesting product selections and name. You can browse through their website HERE for more info.

I first stumbled upon this brand while looking through Indah Nada Puspita's (a gorgeous Indonesian model - who wears hijab) Instagram. She made everything looks fashionably chic. How unfair is that? Even a simple face compact looks like something from a high-end boutique. Some people just have it all, don't they? Haha

To the face compact itself, there are about 3 variants, if I am not mistaken, which is Multi Care, Acne and Whitening. Each is offered in 4 shades, which are all light-coloured. The darkest shade is in Beige and even that looks a tad light on me. But since it is just a powder (not foundation), it doesn't look so cakey and I am able to blend it out with my skintone.

indonesia makeup brand to try

Before this, I used a Chanel face powder and I dare say, there is not much difference that can be felt and seen with these two products, as far as I can tell. Mazaya retails at 40,000 rupiah which I think is less than RM15 if it is bought from Watsons, Indonesia.

The powder is soft, goes on smoothly and has a delicate baby powder smell which I personally like. It doesn't have outstanding oil control or anything but it is pretty decent. The thing I love most is the shade itself. Most face powders out there and especially brands that can be found in Malaysia are too yellow-toned for my liking. This powder leans just a touch pink and goes better on my face. It does not oxidize (a natural occurrence with makeup when it interacts with oxygen and becomes darker than when it was freshly applied) and doesn't break me out.

The packaging is also cute, in an almost shell shape (obviously not perfectly round) and creamy peach colour. The downside is that, the imprint on the packaging will fade off with regular handling. Mine is almost gone, sadly. :( I really like the Arabic scripture as well.

You can also get Mazaya via online or their Mazaya Malaysia instagram account HERE (although it will become a bit pricier then).

I totally recommend Mazaya to my friends and family. The awesome thing is that, now, even my sister, my mother and my sister-in-law are using Mazaya Powder Cake. :) They tried mine, like it so much that they bought one for themselves! Definitely a drugstore brand to look out if you are coming to Indonesia for a holiday!

How is everybody holding up? Hope life's been good. :)