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Friday, June 24, 2016

Eros Now: 5 Bollywood Movies in 1 Week


Some time ago, I googled a few Hindi films to watch online but I couldn't find good quality ones with English subtitles on the internet. Turns out, the Bollywood scene copyrighted their materials and movies more heavily than any other. You can't even find Hindi films on iflix!

This website came up during my search and since I really wanted to watch Kabhie Kushie Kabhi Gham, I went ahead and sign up over there. The site is called Eros Now and they have extensive selections of Hindi films and more over there. I haven't explored fully yet since it had only been a week but I managed to watch 5 films (one per day) this past week.

Kabhie Kushi Kabhi Gham (2001)

The absolute family classic. I've lost count of how many tweets and facebook statuses that I read from friends that gushed every time the film played on television. Since I'm not well-versed in Bollywood films, I thought I ought to start with something safe. It was good. I was surprised that I didn't cry at all because everyone said it was tear-jerking. Love the cast, love the music, love the choreography. Splendid movie. Definite must-watch.

Chennai Express (2013)

Since I was already on a Shahrukh Khan roll, I thought I would go with another film with him in it. And this time, a pretty recent one, just to have a feel of what the current Hindi scene looks like. Of course, I chose Chennai Express because of Deepika Padukone as well. She's gorgeous. Back to the movie, it was hilarious and the exchange between Hindi and Tamil is interesting. Plus the cinematography is top-notch, with great angles, pace, play of vibrant colours etc. A refreshing break after so many seriously cheesy love story. Would still recommend to people. Shahrukh Khan proves a versatile actor yet again, with his hilarious antics throughout the story. "Never underestimate the power of the common man" yar!

Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

The next pick was a peek into the past. Nooooooo..!! The horror of watching this is still tormenting me. The only reason I picked this movie was because of its star-studded cast; Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. However, I regretted watching this film. It felt like a bad comic relief from start to finish. There is absolutely no kind of lesson to be learned in this movie. In fact, I don't even understand how it got produced in the first place. Won't watch again. Bored out of my mind.

Rang De Basanti (2006)

This movie is my top pick out of the 5 that I watched this week, hands down. Wouldn't have picked this out by myself. This was recommended by Mr. Khan and I must say, he has good taste in films. This film shattered my preconception of what Bollywood is all about. For the longest time, I thought all Bollywood films consist of cheesy love songs, choreography that involves mountains, lots of rolling around and cringey romantic scenes. This is a political statement like no other. Seriously one of the best film I've ever watched. Just pure genius. Splendid casts as well. They made all the characters come to life. Please watch if you haven't. I beg you.

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006)

Back to Mr. Shahrukh Khan since I've taken a liking to his acting. And yet another 'love story' since I don't know what to choose. I probably dislike this more than Andaz Apna Apna. The whole premise of the story just doesn't bode well with me. Infidelity. Dishonesty. Unhappiness. I know it's a genuine issue but I do not enjoy watching this film at all. Cheating is not okay, no matter how you put it. However, I like all the casts. Seeing Amitha Bachan as a flirty old playboy is a nice change from his poker-faced character in Kabhie Kushi Kabhi Gham.


I watched all of these films on Eros Now. It's not a free website, mind you so here's a review for anybody who is interested. The rate isn't high (RM15+ per month) and you get plenty of Bollywood and other Indian films to watch. There are also albums and TV shows. One big flaw is their loading time. Sometimes it takes so freaking long and I know it's not my internet that is the problem. The app version is even lousier. However, to make the loading time more bearable, try lowering the video quality and resolution. It's just easier to navigate on desktop rather than phone app.

It's way past midnight now. Gotta run! :) Good night, sleep tight.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Makeups I Used Daily


I've been very consistent lately, in terms of what I use daily, which is a good thing. Good because:
1) I'd be able to finish and hit pan on these products
2) Time-saving due to no-fuss and failproof status
3) Money-saving since I don't feel the need to get anything new
4) I've finally decided on a signature look

My signature look consists of slightly smoked brown eyes and deep mauvey pink matte lips like below (I basically look like this to work everyday):

This look is achievable in 5 mins, 10 mins tops! I'm just going to be boring and stick with this same makeup look everyday for the rest of my existence. I mean, one trait of successful people is routine, no? Take Steve Jobs for instance. He pretty much wore the same black turtleneck everyday, eliminating the need to choose an attire daily which reduces his daily task and increases his productivity!

So folks, time to go on autopilot mode and just slap on that makeup! :D

Disclaimer: I enjoy wearing makeup. It has nothing to do with anyone or anything.

1) ClearSmooth All In One BB SPF21/PA++ in 02 Natural
It's very light and oil-absorbing. Doesn't offer as much coverage. Would recommend for those with normal skin condition and light blemishes. Suitable for everyday use. Makes skin look slight brighter and more radiant. I LIKE.

2) Bobbi Brown Corrector in Dark Bisque or Creamy Concealer in Warm Honey
I wanted to do a smokey eye since forever but didn't because I have visible dark circles. I gave up on the idea of using dark eye shadows until I found these two! Buying concealer has always been kind of a miss for me. Most of the times, the colour would match but I hate the texture. Or I love the texture but the shade is off. The best solution is to go to a physical makeup counter and ask the makeup artist / beauty assistant there to match one for you. Problem solved! I was told to wear the corrector first and then the concealer but I just chose either one daily. Works great.

3) Mazaya Match Perfection 4 in 1 Multicare Powder Cake in Beige
Bandung purchase. I like this press powder. Brightens the skin, doesn't break me out, inexpensive and has a slight fragrant smell. The shape is also lovely to hold on to.

4) Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in 3 Maui
I bought this in an attempt to imitate Kajol's makeup in Dilwale. As described, it is a bronzing powder but Maui looks more like a beautiful shimmery pink blush than a bronzer. It lends a light pink-gold shimmer to the cheeks that makes me look effortlessly glowing. Haiceh. Perasannya.

5) Avon Simply Pretty Eyeshadow Duo in Chocolate Kiss
I don't do complicated stuff for my eyes. Forget brushes, it's fingers all the way! Some powders work great without brushes and this is one of it. I only use the chocolate shade in this duo (the light one shattered). It's a medium chocolate shade with tiny gold shimmers that add another whole dimension to my eyes! I use it all over my lid and definitely love how it brings out the brown in my eyes. An easy colour to pull off. Nothing too dramatic.

6) Topshop Eyeshadow in Potion
Beautiful is an understatement. This is my favourite colour and eyeshadow of all time. It shattered some time ago but I recently resuscitate it. This was something I always admire in my makeup collection but hardly wore because of my dark circle problem. Potion is a dark eggplant colour with micro gold shimmer. Without concealer, I would look like somebody punched me in the eye. But with proper concealer on, it gives a gorgeous touch as an outer corner shadow. Very smooth and blendable.

7) Visee Feather Impact Waterproof Mascara
The japanese definitely knows what they're doing, mascara-wise. I've tried all kinds of (affordable) mascaras in the market, and I must say, Japanese brands produce some of the best for Asian lashes. For the record, I do not see the logic of forking out more than RM50 for a mascara since they hardly lasts more than 3 - 6 months. Plus since I pray, I'm going to remove it anyway. Back to the mascara, I asked my sister to buy for me from Japan on her trip because this particular one was rated at number 1 for best lash enhancing & volumizing mascara in Japan. Best purchase ever. Doesn't weight down my lashes at all. Better than any Maybelline mascara ever produced. Might rival Majolica Majorca mascaras.

8) CathyDoll Shocking Black Liner
CathyDoll can be considered quite a new brand to hit the drugstore shelves. I've seen them online for some time. They have really cute packaging and are very affordable. I played swatches some time ago at Guardian and bought this mighty fine liner. I like that the lid closes with a click. The brush is tapered and soft. The ink flows smoothly and does not bleed. Very black. Reminds me so much of my favourite The Face Shop liner years ago that I stopped buying because it costs around RM50 nowadays. Definitely a good dupe and alternative. Recommended to wear on top of shadows! Pen eyeliners aren't known to be so great to wear on its own because they fade easily, especially if you have oily eyelids.

9) CathyDoll Triple Eyebrow Designing in 02 Natural Brown
This brow product is very intriguing to me. They have 3 shade selections and I selected Natural Brown because this is the one that goes with most Asian colouring (the other two was Red Brown and Blonde Brown). It's a powder brow product and has 3 shades of powder inside. Some days I like going dark and some days I like a lighter touch so I mix and match the shades according to my daily preference. Prior to this, I use NYX Brow Mascara but the lid broke on me. That product was good as well but since I broke it, I had to throw it out and replaced it with this. Pretty good. Not as quick to apply as a mascara but works well to fill in my brow.

10) Silkyirl Matte Fever Lipcolor Balm in 01 Vogue or Matte Junkie Lip Cream in Vintage
Why would I want to fork out RM150+ for a Kylie Jenner Matte lip cream when I can get a Silkygirl one for less than RM20? For the record, I've tried the highly popular Kylie Jenner one and while it is very comfortable to wear, it's not that special. I might buy one if it's within the RM60+ price range but triple that, uhmmm no thanks. Silkygirl trumps all lip products that I own right now. I just love the color and the texture. My favourite is the balm one. It's not drying at all, despite being matte. Just bought the Lip Cream and tested it today. A bit lighter than I'm used to but overall, quite good quality. Good job Silkygirl!

What's your go-to everyday makeup look? Care to share?

See ya later and have a great day! Here's a picture of me in everyone's favourite Snapchat filter! (the fairy princess flower poowah one)


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Chai Masala


I've been having a week-long phlegm cough and runny nose. I thought it was going to be one of the worst start of Ramadhan ever because my cough would usually be accompanied with major sore throat, but Alhamdulillah, my throat was spared! :D Throat not as itchy and dry. It just felt like a small discomfort during the day but nothing I can't endure.

Since I was feeling a little bit under the weather due to minor sniffle, I decided to brew myself a good old pot of chai masala. Chai Masala is a spiced, sweetened black tea, mixed with milk. I had it once and it held a warm memory to me. Never made it before but nowadays, you can pretty much do anything by googling. You can even detect a liar on the internet. Or exposed yourself for the whole world to see. Wait, where am I going with this? Ehem ehem, let's get back on track.

To make Chai Masala, I used:
1) Milk (Any kind would do. If you're lactose intolerant, you can opt for almond milk)
2) Black tea (Preferably powdered ones from India but I only have black tea from my last trip to Bandung, Indonesia)
3) Spices (Grated ginger, Cardamom, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Clove, Peppercorn)
4) Sugar

I'm never one who measure anything. I cook by the heart aka I throw things into a pot and hope for the best.

Slowly simmer the milk (you might want to dilute it with a little bit of plain water) on low - medium heat. While the milk is simmering on the stove, take a pestle and smash the spices open to make the flavours seep into the tea. Then, put in black tea and spices once the milk starts to bubble softly. Lower the heat and stir occasionally. Let all the spices and tea steep with the milk for around 15 - 20 minutes (depends on your patience) and then transfer into your tea pot. Make sure to drain and remove the spices using a filter. Once this step is done, it is ready to be served!

It was good. I'm not really a tea kind of girl. I love anything chocolate really. But tea is soothing. Chai Masala feels like comfort. Like a warm hug on a rainy day.

Hope you try it at home! This is a really easy recipe to do and follow.